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Chubby Hair

Chubby Hair

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Most hair supplements are focused and researched on Scandinavian skin and hair and hence completely miss the mark when it comes to hair loss in you! Chubby hair is especially formulated to address the deficiencies which impact your hair health. The results will astound you. Carefully curated to not only be organic, we also check the soil level with the help of our agriculture team who ensure that the water source for the crops we use is not toxic and also check the soil levels for toxins so that you get the very best organic supplements.

Highlighted Ingredients :

  • Black strap Molasses
  • Iron
  • Biotin
  • Niacinamide

Key Benefits

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Stops hair shedding.
  • Reduces Hair Loss.
  • Reverse premature graying.

How to use :

Take one tablet daily for beautiful hair.

Precaution :

Please avoid using dairy products, caffeine and tannins after 2 hours of taking Chubby Hair.

Note :

We have a 60 days return policy on chubby hair.
To benefit from this return policy, you must send us an email at Within seven days of receipt of your chubby hair order with your order number and clear photos of your scalp and front face.
If you do not see the desired results after 60 days, please send us another email with your order number and clear photos of your scalp and front face. we will issue you the gift voucher of the same amount of chubby hair.

Take for 60 days as hair growth cycle may take that long and to be patient.

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